Nervous?  Anxious?  Excited?

Go with the latter!  I’ll do the reeling, don’t worry.  This wet fish ain’t getting by us this time!
Accept my love for life, momentum and people, friends.  Tying up loose ends never felt so good!

Tuning in these past few weeks you may have picked up on chatter of big things to come.  Hold tight!  If you’re  into supporting good causes and showing dedication and giving at all, here’s your chance!  I’m still feeling amped up about raising a total of $600 thus far for the fitness-oriented foundation enabling tons of fellow disabled individuals with unique opportunities this month.

Hence, click on and check out the initial and ongoing fundraisers featured on my site.  I encourage you to share this post and/or links to the fundraisers themselves.  Thanks!  I aim to get this ball rolling downhill and picking up speed by publishing, sharing and making my first of many monthly donations today.  Be sure to click the live fundraisers to see the updated funds often.  Thanks!  There is a recurring giving button as you work through sending your first donation.  Keep an eye open for that!  This week, I hope to journey to the outlined route/ my secretion of the upcoming relay race and take detailed pics to share.  That may be on Thursday with my therapist.

I have been putting my time in training on the bike.  I reopened the sore on my left leg last night, but with great progress comes hurdles to leap over mentally.

Conservatively, I’d say the longer portion of the track behind my house I’ve been practicing on is 200 yards.  There are 1760 yards in a mile.  That means my portion equals 6.5(1760) 11.440 yards…  I’m getting confused.  I’m not worried! 

Do not get rattled, handle increased expectations like a champ, to be a champ.  Math hints to 4 trips down and back on the designated track behind my house might land us near a mile. 
4(6.5) = 26 “up downs”  All I know is I gotta keep pushing! 
Is this what being an estimator feels like?

Stay tuned, friends!  Be sure to come out and cheer us on come September 18, 2022.  I look forward to seeing you at the finish line!  Kyle


  • Steve Keech

    Good Job

  • Where have you been haven’t heard from you in a while what’s your finger get tired on the computer I guess so how you doing anyway I read your piece you know as usual I really don’t get the gist of things but I know what you’re doing I hope you’re good one of these days I’ll be able to come see you have you been down the short lately you sure house okay I love you Kyle I’m just getting some coffee now trying to straighten out my back I can hardly straighten up I love you

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