Tolerate Torrential Downpours, Sissies!


So, if you’re interested in a man who jumps out of bed, is in and out of the shower in under five, eats whatever is on the table in one bite, and only sees parallels between himself and the Hulk/ and or Shrek, leaves the gym looking for it’s foundation 4 out of 5 days a week and values vulnerability… I’M YOUR MAN!

This week, I again proved to myself that I want some mo’! Deciding to let those who want me to find me, find me is a great move! No mo’ stressing, no mo’ chasing, no mo’ wasting energy pursuing imaginary presences. Friends know how to, where and when to get ahold of me!


  • Dolores

    It sounds like you were talking about me jump out of bed grab something to eat and run that’s me that’s what’s my whole life not now I jump out of bed and get back in bed I’m bored out of my mind wish I was young again

  • Steve wayne Keech

    good job

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