Do Some Writing This Morning, Kyle!  

Poetry 101.

Today, we’ll make sense of numerous influences a bit more than before.  I’ve tied up the loose ends the best I can.  It’s time for me to dangle prizes in front of your faces.  Today, lifting, I made a square meal out of the usual hamstring, quad and squat machines.  Muscles shaking uncontrollably halfway through my first rep makes me smile. 
80 reps on each machine is the new minimum.  FULL EXTENSIONS!   (It IS going to hurt!)
8 sets of 10, 4 sets of 20, you make the call.

60 pound squats
30 pound hamstring curls
50 pound extensions
… to the best of my recollection, definitely had me chugging my water when I got home.

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  • Steve Keech

    Ok I like this

  • P I read what you write every single time you send me an email I read it sometimes I don’t understand it but I read it okay

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