“In my lane,” is exactly how I described today’s initial stream on kik.  Let’s see who stops by and adds to the conversation.  Josh, what up!?  Mike…  It’s alright, I’m not that up for talking either.  3 g’s, 4, this audience hasn’t witnessed a thing yet!  (Get a profile pic up “Randy.”)

Yea, that headache showing her real colors yesterday is probably adding to my elevation walking on water this morning.  #flawless  …but that’s A PASSING THOUGHT.  Next!


I’m a few k diamonds away from my next chunk of capital.  Focus!  Let these anteaters distance themselves then complain about not getting direct sunlight all they want.

I’m excited about this week’s gym schedule.  Monday’s LIGHT leg day consisted of multiple sets of SQUATS, CURLS and EXTENSIONS.  I should be walking a few sets on the treadmill tonight.  BECOME DISTRACTION-LESS.  DO IT.  I’m already planning to contact my group leader today and have him cross my name off that attendance sheet.  Oh, I’ll be there, but that makes certain characters in that circus look good.  Cite yesterday’s post, accountability is a two-way street.


HAHA, give me my safe space!  If I fully expressed myself, a lot of people would look very dumbfounded.  Need I say, these broads are lucky I bite my tongue as much as I do.  From the top to the bottom, half these “organizations” are a sham.  Hypocrites with a capital H.  I will “let that go” so I can have a decent day.  Look at that!  I curbed my frustration and expressed discontent in a malleable form.  Go, me!

– KyleKeech


  • Beautiful Kyle
    You are brilliant you have a brilliant mind I enjoyed it I know what you told me and how to read it I love you

  • Steve Keech

    Ok good expression

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