Hey Secret Sauce,

It is Fri-yay!  I’m unafraid.  You’re all I’m focusing on this morning!  My girl “A,” never coming in second place matches my itinerary.  My nerve regeneration equals MC squared, it’s energizing my optimism like it’s its full time gig.

Enough wordplay, kid!   Untwist the lid on me once or twice, spill my guts like the love I display on the world wide web weekly!  Consider yourself a wet towel already wrung out.  Be about moving forward.  See communal progress as a win.  Spin the facts and track ups and down as monster jumps and shout outs on the mic.

Stop being a victim.  Brush upsetting miscommunication off.  Keep knocking, I’ll keep staring through the window shades.  I’m a ghost, son.  I tiptoe around every edge.  I focus hard until I get things done.  Flattery and affection scare me to death.  I breathe through that mess.  Open communication and explanations help me out!  Be a tree, honey bee but don’t leave, please.  Stick around, speak softly and know I am crazy about, over and for you. 
-Kyle Keech, spittin’ truth

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