“I’m coming home. I’m coming home.  Tell the world I’m coming home.” – Me, drafting this morning/ afternoon’s post ON MY WAY HOME from a few nights at my sister’s place.

I am dividing my attention right now to listen in on my group meeting while drafting this post.  We are discussing attention.  I am looking forward to calling my friend and chatting with her this afternoon.  She’s been my sunshine lately.  Simple conversations on the phone still are tough for me.  I have been making progress there.  It’s all training.  See a pic of TRAINING-DAY Amber on the page dedicated “my squad” at:  https://www.kylekeech.com/2022/06/27/miss-apple-dumpling/7/


I gave her a ring yesterday while relaxing on the couch.  Just that alone, was breaking a boundary.  Upping my confidence has been a focus of mine for so long.  Dialing her number is a new notch in my belt.  My next goal for the group is to practice using speech to text.

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