Miss Apple Dumpling…

It’s a beach Day!

Ladies.. Simmer down!  There’s obviously enough Kyle to go around!  You all see the limbo stick, right!?  Today’s output (07/01/2022) will be dedicated to my main squeeze Amber, Amber and Brittany!

I’ll be the well-educated, savvy, and ambitious lifeguard in today’s role play.  I am very glad us being adults and mature af, allows us to stay smiling through tough times and all miscommunication!  I’m here for you, squad!  Today, we will move past outlining who’s who and tripping over jealousy, fatigue and confusion leaving unpleasant tastes in our mouths.

BRIT, highschool is behind us.  I enjoyed sitting in the backseat of that Acura with you last time we saw each other in person!  Let’s reconnect mentally, emotionally and physically next time we get a chance!
AMBER, my hot mama, stay sizzling.  I can’t wait to eat watermelon staring at your feet as we recline on the beach.  Your hand in mine can’t come soon enough!
“TRAINING-DAY Amber,” I can’t wait for you to text me on your lunch break!  We have things to catch up on!  I feel like a thug.  Those incoming pictures are going to have fire alarms ringing, I hope!

I am thrilled to be calling the shots and refusing to see any of us rebuking the team-status we’re excited to breathe, function in and endorse.  THIS PAGE is a lit-fuze, ya heard!?

We’re all making moves, showing empathy and listening to the group.  We’re getting ahead.  Thanks for actively participating and getting my blood pumping and my heart thumping, lovelies!

KYLE, King

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