Miss Apple Dumpling…

Good morning.  I am excited to work in your favor this morning.  I’ve made it to the gym once so far this week.  I am choosing not to stress myself out over it.

Anyways, I’m glad I have fulfilling this mission of writing you to focus on.  I am LIVE, I have some sweet music playing and this smile on my face is huge.  Talk about good vibes!

Getting ready today, I was visualizing a bobber in my head.  It’s been undisturbed for so long.  You nearly swimming close to it causes currents to break the stillness.  That gets the blood pumping!  Let’s get it!  My honey bee, I want to hitch a ride on and zoom around clouds with you.  Let’s wish upon shooting stars while gripping each others’ hand.  Let’s let wrong turns go.  They led us back to each other.  I’m ready to funnel all this love in your direction again.  Be open.  Please!

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