Miss Apple Dumpling…

Amber, 6-29

I want to pamper you, romanticize you, address you directly, and continue revolving around you like you’re the only sun in my solar system.  Consider it done!
I consider the match lit and the contender wrung out like a wet towel.  Stay focused!  The sweat session will not get concluded let alone started without me in the house.  Noticing me notice you is a death sentence so I don’t blame half of you for sticking your fingers in your ears!
Today’s routine will be back and shoulders.  Lat Pulldown, Chest Press, Shoulder Press, Lateral Raises, Seated Rows, Front Press…  Recognize that concentrated effort, ma’am.  Tell me it’s enough.  I like it when you tell me that I’m built.  I’ve never managed a whole 5 minute phonecall uninterrupted by my own spasticity and jerkiness, until our first actual phonecall last night (@ 7:05 on 06/28/2022).

I am so glad we objectively discussed saying our “I love you’s” will bolster all my efforts.  I’m about to be the Red Bull and grow wings while I pry these stuck molars from opponents jaws.  I will fly to escape damning eyes locking in on me.  Enjoy the piggyback ride, babe!  Talk soon!

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