Miss Apple Dumpling…

Truth is.. I love you dawg!  I’m feeling unafraid TODAY.  I’m glad I reassured myself in the mirror!  NOTE!  When I push you away “Gravy,” all I need or seek is reassurance that I’m safe.  Comprehend that and know that knowing several chickadees that answer to the same name scares me.
Who am I talking to?  Is it Anne?  Is it Fran or is it Lt. Dan, Hoss!?  If I had a hand to hold, my boldness would shoot to the moon.  Let’s never land!  Let’s stalk and talk to interplanetary stars.  My dry erase board will AGAIN feature your name with flowers beside it!  I’ll be sure to jot down that you work until the PM so I don’t fret not hearing from ya for hours at a time.

“Call me, so I can make it juicy for ya..”  Li-li-li-lick you like a lollipop.  I want to hug you dawg.  If you’ve stuck around since I pushed you away as hard as I could, congratulations!  You’re a semi-finalist!
Now that I can rest assured you’ll stand by my side, hunnnn, I’ll voyage back into asset management and focusing on hoarding kindling.  Ok!?

I will HOUSE ya!  Zoom out, chicken!  5:25AM clock in times!  That IS how I start to manage my daily energy output.
Senorita, I ghost for months at a time when I feel I need to hide.  F#ck being afraid to mention my ability to love!  These stags get paid to kill my vibe.  I’ve always wanted to practice getting down on one knee.  I can hear ‘em hyperventilating already.  I am blowing cheese like they blow chunks of adversity at me, say what!?

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