Miss Apple Dumpling…

Listen, this is called checking in Miss Apple Dumpling.  Following this text will be this morning’s initial draft.  That sounds pretty organized to me!  Let’s go!

So, today’s initial sweat sesh included 5 machines, 400+ reps, sweat and Herculean effort!  I got more than that coming to me!  I just went LIVE!  Catch me streaming at kylekeech on kik!  My room is always full of love and support.  It’s all mutual.  This week WILL add to success stats, you hear me!?

I’m not worried about fitting in.  I am a trendsetter.  I do not know how much steadier things could be.  It’s 11 a and ayy, I’m a flower ready to blossom and pollinate these non-switch up hitters.  Chickas, blow it and fall back.  There’s a single file line at my door constantly.  Stop snoring, Piglet.  Y’all running laps around all Eeyores.

Na-na-na-na-nah, Top dog being in the house means he’s being mindful of high gas prices and probably resting to complete Day II.  Being down with that and come out on top!
It’s how we do thangs round herr’.

Go ahead ma’am, label me a misfit.  I’m drinking homebrewed iced coffee  out of my big cup.  I’m not sipping.  I happened to notice 5 new calluses on my left hand last week!  Rubbing in that chalk, war paint under my eyes, a torn tee, give me mine!  I’m not taking coming in second place lightly, ever again!

I’m making moves and passing stationary boundaries in my own lane.  I give thanks before anything.  Studying my moves and tactics will have people running to get out of your way.  Move, groove, and soothe your own nerves while you can.

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