Watch Me Sing..

Watch-ING me sing along to songs like “This Little Light of Mine” is exactly what you’ll witness jumping on kik and watching me livestream this morning.  I had a great week.  How about you?  Did you put the work in?  Did you make it to the gym at all this week?  Are you content with you output currently?

I pray that your life feels like it’s adding up and you’re actually picking up momentum.  It’s cool outside this morning.  I have my last, or second to last horse cart training session tomorrow.  I wrote down a goal of getting 500 diamonds streaming, today.  Let’s dwarf that goal!  Let’s be smart with our energy.  Let’s be glowing bulbs of light.  Let’s cast warm rays of loving light on everyone and everything in our path.

Be the exception.  Let the world know you are here to do business and get things done.  Stop waiting for the right time.  Jump headfirst into your craft and plan to do even better next time around.

Drink your fluids.  Be encouraged to calm your breathing.  Instead of fighting when you feel you’re losing your grip on certain hopes and or people, rather give that handful of hope a glance and joyfully throw it in the air.  Be the reason such wild and colorful vegetation seems to be sprouting everywhere you look.  Upwind, downwind, to your left and to your right.  Assure those seedlings they have nothing to worry about.  You will do your darndest to see they drink from your pale of hydration in the dry season.

Be confident in your ability to add to the conversation.  See a closed door?  Write a note. Leave it in abundantly clear places nobody could miss.  Sign it with loving affection and tell it to find you when it’s ready.  Be open to randomness.  Welcome hardship and adversity.  They don’t call you the king of your domain for nothing.

– KyleKeech

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