We’ve twerked together, in my dreams.  We’ve worked together irl.
God is present and He’s helping me survive every moment I am here without you girls..  “Just being friends” was a dicey situation with these “people” breathing down my neck.  I moved on to building a foundation we can all still tap into, for all I care.  I look forward to you parking up in my driveway.
I’m still giving you props for looking over my shoulder.  Don’t be surprised when I shake a stick at you and shut my eyes.  “Mama, no one else understands.”  Good thing us only unifying in my dreams, only gives them figments of my imagination to chase.
I may have done a full loop again diving back into romancing you girls.  I’m just seeking an open hand willing to show me the way.  I’ve yet to hear that’s okay.  Ok!?

– KyleKeech

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