Beautiful Bunny,


My cellular device is down.  (5/31/2022)
I want to shower your phone with poetry and text message-induced notification buzzes this morning.  I doubt that will happen.  Moms  already taken my phone and headed to the Verizon store, fingers crossed!

I’m moving towards letting that stress go!  Music is bumping and I’m typing credentials down out of straight memorization.  I brushed that headache off, quick.  I did not trip, bite my lip or fall down unequipped.  I zipped my lips and chose to stride by, child.  God comes first in my life, His love endures.  I spread my wings and flapped them.   I’m taking a flight nearer to my alarm clock blinking.   I stay positive because love does not work with scowls on your face.
She is my ride or die chick.  I have multiple downhill flowing streams of bliss coming in.  We will sweat together.  We will bench triggers thinking they have an impact to make.  Together, we will come out on top.  No more belly flops unless it’s in them sheets.  She’s currently onboard as a tease.  She’ll ride before she dies by choice.  She is that wise.


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