Beautiful Bunny,

Hey Peanut Butter Cup,
I am glad we did not meet until I got a few things worked out.  I used to push people (girls) away feeling a bit overwhelmed juggling too many balls.  I carry a lot of self-induced weight on my shoulders.  My goals have always revolved around being able to be a supportive husband one day.

By the looks of things, one day, hopefully I’ll be able to wake up early in the morning, get out hunting and be able to drag my kill home for you to prepare for supper.  That’ll take care of feeding ourselves in spring, fall and winter.  Date nights to the local drive-in movie theater, or out for ice cream will make summers something to look forward to.  I can’t wait!

Squeezing, and securing my grip on you reminds me a bit of tightening my grasp on a sun-soaked rock that will sear my skin, ignorant of how hot it is.  My muscles, like my eyes, lock on you.  I am eager to meet up in my dreams again.  Those nights leave me wanting you even more.

When we schedule our potentially recurring “shifts,” I pray I catch on to you methodically opening, and closing your hands in my field of vision.  Wink until I see you winking!  Please! 
Hey!  At least we are talking.  We’ll refer to that as a huge building block.  We have video chatted in “our” past. We’ve been texting ever since.  We established that assurance and reassurance would be foundational in our development. 
My mornings have been easier on me lately.  I am wearing a Philadelphia Eagles t-shirt right now.  The windows of my house are down.  It is chilly outside and I hear cars hugging the wet pavement as they zoom by.
I could go for a warm cup of coffee.  I could use a sweatshirt.  I could wind down my ambitions further yet.  I’m tired at the moment, struggling to keep my eyes open.

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