Beautiful Bunny,


“Hey!  “I think I might need another q-tip!”  “Clean out those ears, boy!”  Stop clinging on to what USED TO scare you!  Stand boldly!  F*ck haters.
I may not be a user of climbing chalk myself, but I’ve heard good things.  Waking up angry STILL these days?  These chains are only present in my head, but damn well, know I am a husky bull protecting my food.

My “current girl” is the protective coverings holding the atoms together.  We’re about to produce tidal waves, you delicate “little” “butterflies.”
Fly high and calm tf down.  As always, jump on my back.  Move forward.  Forget the fact that you wake up already pissed.  Forget the fact that “you’re trying.”
Stop waiting to be coddled, you’re a man, you don’t need that.  Be grateful.  Tell me how you are actively moving towards success.  Share your goals with the world, be accountable.  Turn dreams into goals, turn goals into plans, turn plans into work and turn work into success, confidence, excellence, profits, progress and joy.  Have grace.

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