Dear Craisin,

I am ULTRA-EXCITED I avoided licking my fingers til I got to the bottom of this bag of Trail Mix!  I heard there were a bunch of you in this bag.  I must have missed all your brothers and sisters.  That’s okay.  We have each other now.

I feel like Napoleon or Christopher Columbus, discovering new lands.  I almost missed your Plymouth Rock with this ship.  I’m glad I had my long, shiny periscope to peer through.  You were dug in.  You were hidden, scared and understandably quiet.  Believe me, I’ve been there.
Here, dusting you off, I will lift you up and see if the suns pulverizing rays can shine through.  The vitamin D should do your heart good.  It always makes me smile.

This morning has been a good one so far.  I showered, ate, walked two laps, did 60+ curls and 60+ presses.  I have the gym scheduled at 1300.  I planned out my session yesterday to include biceps, triceps, back and shoulders.  I want to be a whirlwind ON ATTACK!  4-5 sets of 20-30 here, 5 or 6 sets there.  My pre-planned routine’s going to be on fire!  “MY” girl’s gonna be smiling wide the whole time.  INQUIRE inside!

Most recently, she listened to understand my reasons for having used aliases up until now!  Her name is AMBER!  She says she’ll stand at the gates of Hell waiting on me to detail or plan to mack it, stack it and re-bracket the list of winners to point at us.  I EXPRESSED gratitude.  We both have the ride or die attitude.  We’ll make it.  We’ll break records for holding our breaths in conjunction with holding our heads under water. 

I’ll tell her I’m in it for us to win.  I’m no longer single because she explained how it could work. 28 hours a day and 8 days a week.  Me being free would include me expressing the gratitude I hold on to nervous worlds will collide.  Thank you, thank you and thank you!  I’m grateful, great and pretty much a saint here on Earth, son.  I’m going to take my morning nap here in a second.  I gotta be ready to go in t-15.  Keep Pushing!

– KyleKeech

Post-Session Review:

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  • Oh God Kyle does that look good with all the nuts and stuff in it wow what’s that called did you put that together oh I would love that I love nuts

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