Hey “Catie” …

  I carry the boulders rolled away on my chest.  I woke up thinking about you today and how I still feel horrible for not reading in between the lines.  I marched to my clothes bin and hung out an outfit.  I RAN to the shower!  I drank a sip of java.  Hush!
I’ve already done a set of HBRW!  That’s a full lap walking around my house, 30 bicep curls and 30 presses.  Yesterday I drew a diagonal line across four tally marks, I did 5!  I hope you comprehend over and over again, I was and am still any girls best option!  I know they’re all picturing me while kissing their boytoys.

I’m not for avoiding terms to save tears today but.  Cheers.  If we’re communicating openly there’s a bit of potential.  Without that, I’m not sure I won’t get sued prioritizing individuals.
That ‘ish still bothers me!  I’m doing better though, I’m excelling.  I’m back to hoping my inbox is full of hand-written letters professing love.  I’m driving this train towards laid-back lifestyles.  We got Catie in a dead-heat with ya for first in line.  She’s my queen-bee at this moment in time.  She’s dusting her shoulders of wimps.  Dude’s a bum and I have to summons strength from the grasshoppers rubbing their legs together creating friction the best I ever have to forget about him!  This kid, Matt would get swatted at like a gnat if I had my gat.
This is officially my second draft.  The first was too full of demoralizing justice.  I colored it with hidden F bombs and atomics numerals, periodically I slip back to tracking others “dudes” stats.
20 reps and you’re done, huh!?  Here, take some of my energy and stash it.  Ration it.  Cash all your assets and start over!  Chuck a hundred into each account monthly and watch it grow.  Intertwine your strengths with momentum, find it.  (Within you) What you need is probably inside you.  Unless you’re you and you’re waiting for me to tell me how you feel about me.  Imagine kissing me at night like my pillow does.  I told ya way more times than I can even get today cordially that love is present between us.  Shucks!   My eyes are wet.  I can’t stomach it.  The games. The shame of never seeing eye to eye.  Lock it.  I’ll keep it cordial.  I’ll rearrange bucket lists and stuff

– KyleKeech

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