It feels like we haven’t seen each other in years.  I do see you in my dreams almost every night.  Since we’ve last discussed potential, I’ve indeed stutter-stepped a time or two.
#letsbrushthatoff #startanew

I heard it yesterday, each new day should be just that, a NEW day.  Not a continuation of it’s yesterday.  I’m all for bigger and badder things in my life.  Physical proximity may be a more difficult measure to shrink but to me, easing into a more confident self for the time being will be worth it.

A huge limitation on my development to date has been fear.  I’m not afraid to admit that.    Your goals are supposed to scare you.  Stating and outlining goals not so much!

Let’s hear it for honest goal setting!
One day..
I certainly aim and hope to become a loving husband, father and provider for a young family.  I feel I’ve most-likely already met my future Mrs.  My newest gemstone is rock-hard.  She’s a bit too slippery to grab still but I’m back to being open to being shown the way.  (Move it or lose it!)

I already worked through 4 sets of HBRW this morning.  I need to rest!  ALREADY!  Shhhhh!

– KyleKeech

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  • Cute Kyle really cute good writer I told you you should write a book you can write a book about my life probably get about $2 that’s about it love you Kyle

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