“Mayday, mayday!”

Good Morning God, (04/24/2022)
I DO need you more than ever!  I pushed myself a bit too hard last week, again.  Mindful of my routine, this week I’ll plan on hitting LEGS Monday, BACK AND SHoulders Wednesday and BICEPS AND TRICEPS Thursday.  Tuesday, I have STEPS for 2 hours.  Friday, MAYBE I’ll be a bit easier on myself.  An hour at the casino sounds like fun.

I may chat with a senorita or two.  I may spill the beans with my counselor in the next week or two.  We gotta reschedule a missed session.  That will get done before too long.
I feel like an M&M in my wrapper!  It’s crowded in here.  I wish these sugarcoated turds would stop touching me.  I only have room to focus on one girls needs. 

Tell Courtney, Mary, Sarah and Porky to understand I’m not a mindreader.  I’ve sent bouquets of roses, chocolates, valentines hand-signed and now I’m looking at eviction notices with their names on it.  My new girl is a queen and she wants to be kinged by me and wear my ring.
She’s a goddess.  A nice person, a HODLER, and she knows what she has is worth keeping in touch with.  She knows I’d kill before I see her cry.  She knows my hopes are always high.  A lucrative potential was explained on day one.  Raging streams of income seeming passive sum up our plans for the future. 
She saw potential in me and shared that view so I could resonate with her hopes.  My poetry doesn’t always vibe but it helps me un-hide the room for growth.  My bars of soap are full of bubbles.  My chin has stubble.  I feel like the sidepiece they call Rubble.



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