“Mayday, mayday!”

  Captain Poised Potential of S.S. Healing Voyage reporting turbulent waters here off the coast of West Bridges.  We left the dock at 0400.  We traveled 5 minutes due East.  Forecasts called for spitting conditions with a Northeasterly wind of 4-7 mph.  The crew and I saw a growing current 2 minutes into dissent.  We re-tied all our tie-downs and loose straps.  We cleared the fuselage, made certain the deck was obstacle free, raised our distress indicators and tightened the hatches. 

Our radars and GPS system must have taken a hit with the tropical thunderstorm and lightning incident we reported last month.  We have not seen a ship besides our own in over a minute.  Call it a mirage, but fishfinders cite literally mounds and mounds of fish in this area.  We see the dark skies without stars meaning clouds have arrived.  I’ve manned this vessel for over 20 years.  I’ve never anticipated such reckoning.

Our team consists of young men with hopes of future families, adoptions and full-time management positions in short order.  I would hate to know I had affected their whole bloodstreams future and timeline tragically on a day meant to bring joy.  I’m already praying and tearing up.  My eyes are wells full of water.  I hope I don’t fall short on what I’ve promised these men. They’d be expecting great trophies and mounts citing the ads, the history logs, my real-life testimonies, the degree at which I mind details and following the plans set and commercials.

Predetermining output cause we have blogs and posts documenting our boat hardly making it back to dock in one piece and still pulling in the biggest specimen.  Arrest them!  Make sense of life’s daily ups and downs, set them up for lives full of winning catches and pond memberships on the house. 

– KyleKeech


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