But, Ma’am..

There has to be one more drop of gas in that tank!  I know my engine tends to fail running on fumes, but I gotta keep pushing.  In my head, training to failure is an understatement.  I tend to realize this yet again every time I find myself on the ground army crawling to the nearest chair or carpeted area.

I’m glad I decided long ago to stay smiling.  Sure, I cry on the inside every time I’m left too hungry to survive.  Hunger pains?  Turn the page.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t outline how things going my way would be better than reality, constantly.  I let that go.

As soon as I feel my quads tingling, I start planning my right knee bending and sliding out til I’m flat on the ground.  Walking on two tired AF pogo sticks is a hazard.  I got a jam-packed schedule today.  KP. 

I’ll hit back and shoulders this morning, talk to my counselor this afternoon, then go rock climb this evening.  I will do my best to rest in between each set.  If you see my legs hanging up, let them go.  They need to rest.  I need to stay focused.  Push until you can’t push any more.  Be even harder on yourself.  Dream of mutual empathy.  Bet, they won’t even offer to carry you to bed.
You signed up for this.  Live with the consequences of wishes you made when you were a kid seeking attention.  My ride isn’t here yet and I’m already yawning.  Exit, stage left.

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