Warm Oatmeal,

Catherine..  May I call you Catherine?  Mmhmm.  I think I will.  I am hoping readers will piece together the kind words, the bravery, the cuteness and the innocence to realize the flaming affection present in my heart can even taste and smell, warm and sweet.
I long for your swirling confidence, tasting like cinnamon to lure me towards that bowl every morning.  Your warm oats stick to my ribs and keep me insulated long after you’re gone. 
I usually munch on ya with a side of creamy yogurt!  Half a spoonful of you, half yogurt makes you slide down smoother.  I’m usually a bit too eager going in so the yogurt lessens the burning sensation on my tongue.
Fruit sides give me a bit of trouble.  I love your consistency but too many differing textures causes my throat to itch.

I wake up craving you most days.  That’s all for now.

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