Arrrgh, matey!  We’ve made it!  Another milestone in our journey to ascension…  Forget the past!  Leave it behind ya!  I’d like to see us lasting the hardships, tying knots and shielding each other from incoming cannon balls!  Ship me the map!  I wanna find your heart and cherish it!  I love seeing my toes in the sand!   The clearness of the water surrounding me excites me. 
Call in the navi.  I want to know my coordinates before I slam my flagpole into the ground.  Stop standing there if all you’re jotting down are notes to report to the cops.  Got it, Hoss!? 

My diamond-eyed pita is a queen-a.  She’s got 100% of my attention.  She’s acknowledging the blessings we both be feelin.  She’s busy being crystal clear and not hiding!  I couldn’t ask for more buddy!  Her heart is so big she could wear it and drape both sleeves.  She no longer grieves being separated.  We’re setting our sights on reaching that triangle of Bremuda.  We’re walking the plank.  We would like to thank y’all for coming all over this swiftness, tom foolery and peg-legged-ness.  Y’all are being counted as witnesses so stop squirming!  I’ll get back to hurling these limp bodies in a minute! 

It might never flow like a stream featuring Keech again so watch in wonder.  Count all these sentences as wins.  Don’t question the wunder, just end it all or don’t.  It’s your call!

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  • Oh God Kyle look at the muscles on you did you transpose your body into your head or your head into your body anyway happy Easter I love you

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