Morsel of Fudge

I want to stretch you out and see what’s hidden on the inside.
I’ll bring the nuts and caramel.  If I arrive later than expected, go ahead and tear a corner of your crinkly wrapping.  I’ll use my teeth to strip you of those boundaries. 
We can hop along a bunny trail or hide in the bushes.  I might try being cute and calling you “Wingnut!”  I might fold like a deck of cards.  Bolster my eyes seeking in your soul so I avoid that tendency.

Let’s fill pots and pans with grease.  Let’s not spill our plans to achieve greatness.  First, we’ll unite all tie down loose ends by assuring each other our walls do bend.  Let’s encourage each other to use all our strength to push and pull.  Tom Foolery should be welcomed.


Don’t take any haste too seriously, especially just starting out, mk!?
Don’t erase the progress we’ve been making.  PUSH ME out of my comfort zone.  Making those who won’t stop staring uncomfortable, being a pastime of ours sounds alright to me.  Sign to them to BTfU.  We will move on with Grace if they try to shake us from the tree of life we’ve been climbing.  Give me a taste of those lips.  I wouldn’t trade the state of mind I be livin in for an uncovered ditch unless I can belly flop in it. 
When I get your blood boiling, remind me to stick ya with a ripe grape or marshmallow.  Chew on some nuggets and bawk like a chicken. My fingers are in both our ears.  We don’t have to even acknowledge whiners.  Let’s sit with our arms crossed and shake our skulls from side to side.  I want to sunbathe in your richness.  I want to cuddle up and lie beneath sheets with ya.  We could hold hands, but that might be it until we fly to France and eat spaghetti like Lady and the Tramp.

Lemme sign outta this ap and check the gram.  Did ya catch the unsolicited flattery this morning?  Did you check out and realize my crosshairs meeting on your temple could be a blessing if you sense my energy being pulverized on purpose?

– KyleKeech

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  • I bet you there’s peanut butter in this chocolate you and peanut butter oh my God okay Kyle have a happy Easter I miss you

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