Flower Pedal,

I think I may have left you in the dehydrator a bit too long.  I never fully expressed my hopes and ideas with you.  That eats at me still today.  Even at overflowing confidence levels, I shied away from acknowledging my beating heart and swirling thoughts.
The faint memories of you, my friend, are like oxygen to my ever-wanting-to-be-moving limbs.  I do care for you.  I always have. 
I’m in the mindset of reverting back to child-like innocence. Is that ok?  Is it warranted? 

Will you be there?  Will you accept me?  Will you please encourage me to relax?  I wish you would tell me how you feel.  That way I do not need to hide my face to be honest.  I am scared of disappointing views.  Let’s start there.  Try assuring me that I’m safe.  Offer suggestions.  Tell me how a real man would deal with such circumstances.

I’m more than ready to slide my feet into those slippers, hun.  Tell me to grab my dressing stick and.. Open my eyes to evading trouble by swooping in and talon-”grabbing” you.  I’ll search for a padded landing til I run out of fuel.  My legs feel stronger today.  I’ve been having difficulty walking.  If I could rest these legs on your shoulders, I’d drive you like a plow. 

I DO NOT have keys to this locked door.  Help me!  Try seeking an affirming look until I give it to ya.  Hold out.  Give me a stare I’d have to break with a sledge hammer if I wanted a way out.  Moss-able surfaces are often wet.  Let me slide down that trek.  Tell me to reach out.  Tell me you want to communicate.  Dinner dates lasting until after breakfast will be a good start.  Chart that progress. 

I do not want to rush a thing until I understand everything.  We need to be on the same page.  I gotta accomodate.  Reach out. 

– KyleKeech

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