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Yes, I’m glad I’m me.  No scandals, no democratic bull..  No… I’m good at cropping the fields of labor I put in.  Flowery language and puffery seeing its way into explaining even things that frustrate me hints to the angelic nature of all my output.  Don’t continue frowning when I follow the guidelines to succeed and you veer from the path.
Sure, I’ll hold up and wait for ya.  Just announce that your love for me is most-likely unparalleled.  Show discipline.  Hold out until I’m ready.  I deserve that, don’t I? 

I’m STILL working my @ss off to show you all how much I care for each of you, individually!  Setting my sights on, and alerting headquarters that I’ve got this one, gets my own team trying to dam my actions. 
ATTENTION BASE!  GIVE ME THE GO AHEAD!  PLEASE!  I want to erase monsters from my timeline.  These jokes hide under my bed.  In the back of my head it’s a playground full of regrets, should haves, could haves and sad faces I overlooked to protect myself. I fumbled the ball a time or two, too many times, I kept my eyes set and dry trying to brush off what made me want to cry!


My body is back on the table and they’re drawing chalked lines on my head.  I look forward to jumping out and crowning the nearest neurologist a punk. 
“Doc, I need help clearing the lumps from my throat.  I’d love to be a slave standing there, fanning ‘er.  I’d love to stop rehearsing how much I want to pursue a love-kitten.  MY shelf is full of loving actions I had to reprioritize.
Tell me I did not lose you, being cranky and not reading minds.  That’s exactly what I want to hear.  I’ve only wanted reassurance the whole time.  Now that hints can be located easily, I’m going to yell.  I am a believer in us, that’s her and I.  Bust guts
I’ve dealt with shunts drilled into my skull.  I have nuts in my ankles.  I’ma hunk.  I hardly think it’s luck.  I ramble often.  I’m looking forward to stumbling across a loving broad that I can trust with the loot and my heart.  THAT’S WHAT I WANT!  Someone who will not leave it up to me to connect the dots that I cannot even see. Just wait, the billboard full of my personal info is being erected right outside my bedroom window.

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  • Well Kyle you’re really getting good you’re lifting weights you look like a weight lifter that’s good your arms are back how about your legs are they good too I hope so you work hard at this and you should accomplish it I pray for you all the time and I love you much

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