Hold up one finger for me.  Tell ‘em to wait
I’ve only showed em my ankles and they already can’t hold their ish together
I got on the treadmill to march for 90 seconds straight.  I flew that coop as quickly as I could. 5 sets of 20 reps on 3 more machines to follow felt great. 

The beast of me inside hollared and wanted out. 
I’m still panting heavy.  Protein is finding it’s way through my esophagus.  Muscles like lean tenderloin need to eat.  I’m tired, bruh.  I left that square space shaking.  Don’t cry, Kyle.  Get used to murdering the scene and booking it.  Refuse to dwell.  Stay written up and broadcast the consumption of all post-lift nutrients.

Honestly, I’m relieved, excited and betting on this new influx of energy seeing me through the darkness.  I’ll call her “boo.”  She’s ready to hold down the fort.  She’s set to handle me at my worst.  She’s interested, to say the least.  I’m ready to have a net ready to catch me after I go all out and am left not being able to feel my legs.

I’ll save up for her arrival.  I’ll starve myself to save her one bad hair day.  I’ll put in the heart without hesitating again.  Her dreams will be met with my best set.  I’ll get used to coming home to four drinks poured and mixed.  Protein, Elixer, Coffee and Love Potion Number Nine!  I’ll get used to it slowly so I don’t spoil life when reality sets in.
Hustling hard will be an understatement.  Just as it was in the beginning, love will be prioritized above slacking, quaking placeholders and trouble.  Love will reign supreme as it should have been from the gitko. 

Stay drinking your milk through a straw you middle school-looking child!  I’ve decided to fold on the piers shaking with every wave of energy transcending these dunes of sand. 
I’ve decided them not being able to handle a real man is not my problem.  Open up the fast lane fully.  Embrace my full-throttled-ness as an answer to prayers said under your breath.  Write a list of wants then check them all off that list.  TBC!

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