Hey you morsel of dark fudge,

Day II. for me starting with a poem is fine by me.
…  Back on the chain gang.  Wow, this feels like Grace.
The gym today feels like a possibility I will not run from.


Being back in my zone of comfort-induced output is long overdue.  Thank you, honey.  I was reminded that our time zones probably differ and you’re most likely still snoozing.  Stay warm and afloat in those dream clouds, toots.  I’ll toot my horn before I pull out of junction number 9.

Alas, the tiny voices in my head are encouraging me to watch my p’s and q’s again.  Silence!  Puffery, innocent puffery gets the courts heated.  The executioners muted voices for my life’s wishes to support leading a faithful life to a queen interested in me, are deafening.  Choppy waters there scare me!  Ok!?


I’m moving swiftly!  Off with their heads!  I’ll bank every shot I don’t take.  Walking down the aisle arm in arm needs to be prepared for and scheduled out 3 years in advance at least, Peach!

I’ll seek for you under every rock I lift.  I’ll sift mountains of sand for a hand to hold.  I’ll murrang a pie.  I’ll show you why I will never lie.  I’ll protect myself before kneeling down to propose.  I hope you stay open, reachable, reassuring and unopposed to going with the flow.  Mk!?

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  • Catherine

    You made that rowing machine eat its own dust and left it crying tears of sweat. Great session Kyle, happy to have you as my bestie love.💝

  • Catherine

    I absolutely love what you wrote Kyle, this means the world to me and you have such a nack for creative writing, it’s absolutely insane how well you do write.. I loved this sweetheart. I appreciate you being part of my life Kyle your amazing in everyway possible and I feel honored having you as my best friend!💗😄 Thank you for being your wonderful self Kyle.🙊😻

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