Gray Clouds,

You seem so heavy-hearted.  I sincerely wish I could stand taller and reach you to BETTER SUPPORT YOU.  I want to hand-deliver bouquets of roses to you.  Drawing pictures of accented sunshine and smiling rocks makes me feel good.  That’s the state of mind I want to be in often.  If I could capture the sounds of a babbling brook running through a field, I would.
Jacket-weather isn’t the best for me.  I do better when warmth insulates my timid moves.  I’m glad you understand and acknowledge I’m doing the best I can with what I have.
It’ll be spring soon and I will plant pansies and other insect-attracting plants.  I will put time in, studying notes and conditions.  I hope you save us some excess hydration to moisten the soil to feed roots.  We all grow better when cared for and clear about our wants.

– KyleKeech


  • Good morning to my genius grandson and you are a genius you are it’s amazing what you rate I could never do that I love you Kyle I miss you

  • Steve Keech

    Well done

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