Compost Bin!

Hold this sh!t together!  I want to draw nutrients from these wilting gourds, grass clippings and forgotten leaves and leftovers.  I want to grow.
One day, I want my rounded watermelon belly to resemble the equator in girth.  I want to garner goodness from my limbs.  I want to protect the innocense of battered soils and rays of warmth and vitamin D.  

The Sun’s Light feels so comforting and magical.  It is HELPING me sprout new beginnings and grow full.  My urge to bat away flies hardly amounts to the safeness and security I feel breaking new grounds.  I feel encouraged to reach for my full potential.  Heights pale in comparison.  I USED TO be scared.  You whispered I have nothing to worry about.


So, this morning I got through my morning routine very efficiently.  Effort.  I stayed smiling.  I gave thanks to God before I tried my hardest to move my legs in accordance to the beats dropping.  I had blueberries and yogurt for breakfast.  I’ve caught up and surpassed every expectation and stat jotted down in guinness.  I wreaked havoc on the identity politics line they tried to draw.  I called the shots. 
I disagree with sinister moves and motives getting bros to the inner circle.  Dudes lying like Biden.  I’m dying laughing.  I showed interest because I thought I had a chance.  Currently, I guess your head is in your @ss.  I look forward to you reflecting and retracing your missteps all the way back to me.
Wear a sign on your chest, “Remember me!?  That girl you couldn’t get ahold of to save your life..  I’m back!  And this track better wipe its shoes off before tracking filth throughout my house!  She’s grinning!  Prah-Pr-Probably sinning, I’m busy handling business and finances.  I’m manning up.  She’s left watching me LIVE.  We’re living in separate houses again. 
I’m left swimming the length of the Nile everyday.  The miles I track only add up in my head.  Her red hoodie being the shade I fumble unknowingly.

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