This Little Light Of Mine

Watch your neck!  Don’t let this news be that shocker that makes you lose control.  We are getting there!  We’re making moves!  Start going with the flow!  Trust the process.  Get busy learning how to better express yourself, I’ll wait.

Write poetry!  Write music!  Draw pictures!  Paint!  Be as creative, IN YOUR OWN LANE the best that you can!  Be sure to send me a copy you want me to create into an NFT too, of course!  “Instant gratification!”

A piece of poetry I wrote last week is now “minted” to the Ethereum blockchain and worth 0.01 ETH.  I set that price.  See the graph for ETH.  That means a piece of my poetry is now minted to a piece of technology that fluctuates in value.  As ETH rises and dips in price so does the value of that piece of poetry.  It’s a collector’s item already.  Buy 2 or 3 pieces of my poetry minted this way, hold on to them for a year or two and sell them for more than you bought them for.

As my work gets better and set prices reach hundreds of dollars potentially, holding them can become a great investment.  I’ve heard of teens buying assets like this, holding them for 2 years and walking away with thousands of dollars.
Granted, the value of my poetry by itself may not amount to much but it “glued” to a piece of technology that has the potential to 10x on any given day opens a lot of doors for me.

Check out last week’s STRENGTH IN NUMBERS post for a button and link to that PERCHED TIGER poem as an NFT.  Purchase a poem of mine this way and hold on to it for years, make thousands supporting my recovery and progress! 
– Kyle

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    All I can say is oh my God what a man you are I told you write a book you can write about me in my life that would be very interesting you’d sell at least 100 million copies I love you Kyle

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