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So, CONFIDENCE is NOT such a bad word!  Increased room to develop and grow freely, check!  LIsten closely!  Either is LOVE!  It is actually the essence of God here on Earth.
“Keep it above board and feel free to charm, admire and develop, Kyle!” is what I’m hearing!  Get ready to let my outwardly manifestation of supernatural confidence go, fam!  

Doggonit, I am free at last!  (Remind me to refer back to THIS  POST next time you see me biting my tongue, please!)

Ma’am, I’m rounding the curb.  Hold on tight if I ever push you away again!  I’m seeing things clearer than before.  I’m seeing my confidence in my tendency to pour love into as many people as I can is encouraged.

You hear that, Missy!?  Give me the combination to the room.  I’ll be up after I finish this show!  Credence to believe in myself and my strengths is all I need.  I foolishly thought acknowledgment and validation from others was the key.  Leave that door locked.


Pucker up and leave a red kiss mark on your mirror.  Fill in surrounding surface area with me hand-drawn as a stick figure.  Please!  Holler my name!  Keech!  Tell me you want to sink your toes in the sand of my private beach!  Tell me to practice getting down on one knee!  Inspire all my output by thinking of me while smiling.  I want to bear witness to your two cents making me think “Oh!  Maybe she likes me, too!”


(I’m finally feeling a bit more like myself again!)  Ladies, cherries, wannabe mamas of my children, I hope the best for you, daily!  I realize my eyes lie to me every single waking-hour I’m left thinking I’m set for battle without you by my side!  I’m not cut from the usual cookie cutter like the rest of your dudes.  I’m dignified in my originality, my power tools cutting me from the cages of repressed emotions and the work I endlessly put in!  Feeling an ounce of pride in the work I do helps me K-double-E-P Pushing.  I despise the lies that keep me dwelling.  Feelings of euphoric joys are God-enshrined.  Tag me in a X’d out post reading you’re over loving me.  Please.  I, too, want endless chances to open up and communicate to you how much “I love you!”  I want to break my back erecting the baby’s crib.  I’ll help with dinner.  I’ll fold towels and do chores until you’re blue in the face.  Do me a solid and tell me to forget about past transgressions I exposed, while afraid.  I’m braver now!

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  • Steve Keech

    Another good post with a lot of creativity – great job

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