Potential Love,

Good morning.  I hope you slept deeply.  Today is Thursday, March 3rd 2022.  I’m up and moving early today because I have therapy at 10am this morning.  We should be heading to the gym shortly after my therapist gets here.  I did go rock climbing last night.  I have to wake up a bit more.

When I got to the climbing gym last night, I had the number 4 in mind.  I felt good thinking maybe 4 ascents wouldn’t be too much.  I made it up twice rather quickly.  I’m happy I’m learning to give myself more grace.

I do have a special place in my heart secured for you.  I think I found some excess hope in the darkness.  Once we find each other, let’s have at it and handle business as efficiently as possible. 
Let’s work to assure each other we don’t need to fear being alone ever again.  Let’s exchange secret ways to get ahold of each other.  

I want to be able to fight for interstellar domination with you, hand in hand. 
Church bells and wedding cakes can wait.  I “propose” we share laughs.  I’ll foot the bills for baby formula and doctors being nosy.  I’ll build a playground with a giant tire swing.  Make sandwiches and fruity icicles for my drinks.  Wet your hands with lotion.  I need my back massaged.  I’d like my toes trimmed and ears dried.  I will handle the bulk of the paperwork. 
We will have to bunk in the same room in our bunker in my back yard.  We can catch fish to eat.  Fires in the yard will feel great on  chillier nights. 
My heart wants you and I to be teammates.  Let’s work together.  Titles and tiptoeing around other peoples’ sensitivities will hardly bolster our connection.  Shield me and I’ll do my best to shield you.  See through my defensive mechanisms (shying away and pushing people away) for me please.  Communicate to me that you see potential between us, too.  Please.  Thanks!

I literally cannot wait to create some friction between us and distance between us and everybody else.  I’m not a fan of big brother.  I have so much TLC inside of me that I want to share with you that it gets bystanders uncomfortable.  Feeling like I’m in jeopardy sharing my heart frustrates me.  I hope I feel at ease with you and know exactly how to reach you when you’re ready!   Talk soon!

– KyleKeech

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