Mama, here’s my State of the Union

Hope, I must have lost Hope.
I saw deadends every way I looked.
Ma’am, I took care of my loose ends.
I’m in better shape. I’m strong. I’m compassionate.

“To be compassionate to others, you have to be compassionate to yourself first.”

I’m open to sharing admiration.
If you’re out there, I’m ready.
I’m ready to reciprocate.
I’m ready to be a partner in crime.
I’m looking forward to surrounding you with warm hugs.
Baby number one might wait til year two of being wed.
That’s my dream and goal. I feel brave today and I’m not holding back. I want to dream out loud. I want to be encouraged to raise the levels of Joy in my home.

I want to be able to contact you, ask about your schedule and find ways to work around it. I’ve outlined ways to encourage me, address me and confess to me you’re madly in love with the manliness I hinted to before I ran away scared.

Is that ok!? Can you sense that natural vibration? Identify it and tell me not to be shy carrying this ten foot sword around with me.
Tell me you think sketching dream-like baby rooms interests you too. Please.. Hurry!
I’m running out of batteries in this wrist watch, I promised myself would see me macking before death.

I’m tired of hiding the depth of my heart. I’m fatigued from biting my tongue. I want it all. I want to be coaching my baby how to crawl. I want to support the roof above my babe’s head from falling.

Yes, I look forward to canceling any plans that keep me from seeing the innocence in her eyes. I look forward to firing warning shots, firing attendants and clearing my schedule to better suit my ambitions. God, Love, Kindness, Money, I’m done with staying still and tiptoeing backwards witnessing completely uninfluential maggots choke on stuff that’s behind me, left in the rearview, hurting like my hamstrings and you.

My feet, feeling like anvils, stink. Just frkn wink, once. Reach for my hand. Move your head and chirp like a dove. Up and down, I’d like to measure up and slide my foot in a glass slipper. This is no joke. Take me to court with each post printed out. I’m looking forward to never quitting.

Never looking at me twice hurt my soul. You already know I’m gold. I always jump the gun. Calm my unnerved nerve endings, b. I’ll teeth. I’ll crawl. I’ll take all of your friends and you out to dinner like I used to in school. I’ll walk independently one day. I hope you see the determination in my eyes. I hope you consider me a prize. We’re like dough, soon we’ll rise. All it’ll take is you comforting my gut instincts and saying yes after I pop the question.
I doubt my knees will stand that too much, but roll that scenario out in your dreams as well.


(I tend to hold on too long).

I hope I feel safe reaching out, dear! ❤️

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