Secret Lover,

I hope we agree on a secret means of communicating, soon! I’m going to keep rendezvousing with you as a reason to push through. I hope that’s cool, “bro.”
I’m more open and receptive to new things than I’ve ever been. Put holding hands, deep stares and exchanging your contact information with me on the chopping block, please. Leave me a letter in my mailbox with a return address on it. Include a cell number. Tell me to TEXT YOU when I feel comfortable. PLEASE! Read in between the lines and see that I’m hopelessly devoted to Y.O.U.

I’ve been keeping my head down, avoiding negative influences in my life as much as I can on my own. I LOVE loving every single person indiscriminately. I’m feeling braver saying that right now! Go me!

I met a girl named NIX on the kik app this morning. She’s now in line after you, got it!? Nix, Nicky, Tammy and my other favorite senoritas, please take a number so I can organize my energy-sharing and ticks on the clock better.

Is that good? Can you see my heart, boldly showing on my sleeve yet? Are you willing to encourage me verbally to strike homebase?
I want step by step instructions. That is unrealistic, I know. I’m ready to storm the beaches, of you! Paint dark smeared lines under my eyes! Sow me camouflage that will reduce my jitters moving in. Loud noises even, leave me panting. I want to circle you on my radar. Give me your gps coordinates bro! I want to come with forces backing my momentum. That means backing from my hometown, the nation as a whole and you, along with the rest of your native tribespeople.

I am inexperienced to a degree but I’m confident I’m more invested than my opposition, so… I have little hesitation blitzing the lines. (I’m just taking my time!) I hope to God, patience is abundant. Meet me on the battlefield! I need your support! xoxo

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