Is that you? Have you changed your name? Maybe it’s your hair. Something about you has certainly changed, my dear.
I cannot believe I lost track of you. Don’t ask me how that happened. I knew not to lose Hope, my dear. I run around these days doing Hulk-like things. You should see me groove. I hope you’re tracking me now. I hope you can find my address and address that letter telling me you always felt things that left you speechless, too.

To the beauty of our minds connecting, through compassion, through literature and through art.
That’s the exact level of loving each other that is most near, I feel. Let’s remain pure. Ushering feelings of devotion is scary. Let’s breach that horizon together!


Beautiful Leaf,

Flower, Blossom, Acorn, Nut.. What do I call you!? I STILL don’t know! If I could stand on my tiptoes better and reach you, I would love to capture the essence of the faint memory I hold on to seeing you in. Excuse my wordiness, I am breathless trying to explain elaborate formulas and secret spells to myself loudly enough, I stop hesitating on the spill-rate, proportions and amounts of active ingredients T, L and C.
That’s all I want, to try holding hands. Maybe we could try sitting next to each other. Your spots remind me of running cheetahs. I see so much hope in your eyes. Connect the dots, I’ll trace your lines. I’m not sure I know how to, but I’d love to hold you close, purse my lips and make you sqeaul like a 4 alarm fire alarm.

Be like a leaf, fall. Let me know where to find you. I want to dance around holding you high in the air, clearly. Thanks!
We’ll save the baby-making, caterpillar races and condensation pooling for another day! Just stay smiling, baby!
I need someone looking out for my best intellectual interests too. I need my heart comforted, my tears dried, my legs healed, and strengthened too. My back and legs hurt. The sweat drips running on this hampster wheel.


Snow Geese

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