Listen Princess, I am more than half-certain you WERE first in line. I fumbled the ball! I’m still drowning in those regrets. I packaged that blunder up in two lines this morning. Whenever you are ready to try communicating openly, working together and sharing how you see us overcoming the odds hand-in-hand, I’ll cup my ear!

ORGANIZED! INTENTIONAL! DELIBERATE! AFFECTIONATE!? Watch out for top-level pyramid squatters! The establishment in many fields is a horrific example of how things could go well, be as efficient, caring and empathetic as possible. Just the way they look down on us “commoners” is a disgrace.

Just take a look at the current political sandstorm/tidal wave disenfranchising citizens in our own GD country. Take a look at the heartless money-grabbing going on in our own healthcare system. Check, balances, sh!ts as fraudulent as a crook stealing from a baby.

Unfortunately, being a man, I gotta “let it go!” Lovebug, I would give my left leg to hold on to the faint, slowly fading visions I still see you in. Tears do not well as fast, missing the connection I felt endangered recognizing. I used to sob multiple times a day. The streets of gold we paved in my head look dirty. I’m less-often looking over my shoulder, looking for a car parked.

Funny thing is, tons of minnows seem to crave the dough balls I drop all over the place. If I could get you back in the saddle, racing, I’d faint. That’s a prayer I mutter to myself constantly. My jello arms, post-lift would feel good glued to your hips, b. Pistol-whipping these risers-from-the-crypt would have me laughing my @ss off too, boo.
I gotta stay in my lane, lover. I gotta keep my head down. There’s too many infantry men
And tanks cocked and loaded with me in their crosshairs to make my pursuit of you look anything but hostile. THAT’S A FACT! Take THAT to the bank and deposit it in your life savings. I’m a lover! Not a fighter! I hate feeling like I need to damper my flame to suit these <MFs bullsh!t, career-criminal, life-stopping lust for cash. I’ve learned to drop the name-dropping so I can actually get a wink of sleep without feeling threatened, not listened to, and put at the end of the priority list.

How they got a full-blooded knight-in-shining-armor feeling like a serf is beyond me. Throwing these jesters’ influence in my life to the pits of hell would be a great move if I had any control. Oh well!

Princesses A, Q, H and A, get ready to throw your hair down ye’ castle tower like Repunsel. I’m already coming for ya! BLITZ! Bae, keep all this nonsense a secret! Got it!? We are a secret. We’re a freaking recipe for success. U+I = LOVE UNTIL THE END!!!!! (Secret recipes for the win!) (Every single time!!!!)

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