Possibly, Angel,

We will stick it out. I’ll reside deeper in that ‘ish than anyone’s ever been! Stand by your man, b! I’ll provide for her, her and her, but I want you wearing my ring. I hope I hear from you again, soon!

My friend, Isla

Isla, I want to be stranded on a deserted island with you, and you only.
I want to beat a drum and dance around a fire. I want to scream how much I want to love! I want to check in, drop off my bags and meet you at the bar.

I want you to convey clearly, to me, that you want to be treated correctly. Tell me it’s cool to reach out when I need to be inspired. I’m tired of others telling me I’m not allowed to love.
Communicate openly, fire my fears, scorch those “people” standing still, looking down on my pure intentions. I want to marry you, the undiscovered princess, treat you like a queen and realize the results of the work I put in. I want to finger pistol these bits of scrap metal holding their pedals to the metal. I’ve only ever requested a second to breathe.


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