Jungle Cat,

For today’s wild illustration, I will refer to you as “Nala,” and I will be “Simba.”  Smiles.
Tell that crazy, talking bird to be our lookout.



Please, bae, be a braver source of encouragement for me.  I have dreamt of singing you loving lullabies for years!  “Can you feel the love RIGHT NOW and hinted to, in my writing daily for years?”  


I hope so!!!  I also pray daily that you find me and whisper to not worry.  Ok Nicky, Sarah, Nicole, Tammy, Jess, Jackie and Erica!?



I’m very “perturbed” just thinking the radars only pick up on my movements.
These misused tissues whimper and cry about not being loved correctly.  Well.. homie, if I knew the house would stay standing, if I knew yo’ mama wasn’t going to answer the phone already screaming, if I had a way to reach out on my own accord, risk-free, I’d be mailing you letters again, drawing hearts on paper again, and again manifesting you, and everything else I want in my life into my life, bro!

I want to feel safe and guarded  I want us to have an AB kind of relationship where others see themselves out of our business.  I want to notice subtle hints in the wind blowing around like dust particles.  I want leaves to fall all around our heart-shaped, comfortable bed as we drink coffee mixed just right.
I want to pay all the bills.  I want you looking forward to making babies made with me too. 
That’s all for now.  Scratch at my door soon, please.

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