Emerald Gem,

I was super glad to hear townspeople state you do exist and are not completely fabricated in my mind.  I am very much hard at work trying to discover where you reside, why you hide and the confidence to keep pushing in tracking you down.

That sums up my weekly motives in a glance.  Perhaps I missed something, combing these backwoods.  Maybe, I should put my Sherlock Holmes hat back on and start back at square one. 
Stay beautiful, starlet.  I’m coming for ya!  This time around, make things obvious for me.  Try signing, “You want me.”  Tell me it’s ok to nod yes to that!  


I’ll gather sticks and rocks to build us a campsite to burrow in, TOGETHER.  I’ll keep the hope alive.  I’ll let the past-felt injustices go.  I’ll be the bigger man and decide to not put the applecart before the horse.  You’ll know who to call when you fall, I hope.
It’s heartbreaking to think I’m at the bottom of your list of people to run to when life gets hard to handle..  I want to stand, hand in hand with out toes in the sand the day after our wedding on our honeymoon.  The Cape of Good Hope sounds pleasantly optimistic.  We will wed, we’ll leave ‘em red wanting to be dead over us pulling through.  Spooning sounds fun as does looking deep into your soul.  For now, I’ll just hope we can figure out a way to get in touch and potentially hold hands. 

Suggest things verbally.  I have difficulty reading minds.  Looking at eyes, let alone open hands leaves me hunkered down, breathless and silent.  Say let’s try holding hands.  See me through embedded insecurities that run rampant in my mind, please.  I’m bashful, afraid to jump.  I’m working tirelessly, on every little thing that seems un-educated, imbalanced and new.  I want you under my arm.  I want to climb up like Romero up your tower and throw words like love around, unhindered.

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