This is ZEE, from kik!

Is it safe to express my awe-inspiring and hopeful side yet?  Am I in the clear sweeping you off your feet?  That IS all I want to do.  That’s all I’ve wanted to do since the day we met.



If I were in-charge, you’d get the reins.  Boss me around, please.  Shield me from the dirty stares and unrealistic consequences I witness in my nightmares.  Try holding my hand and holding on tightly. 

Let’s go!  To France!  Let’s see those polka dot underpants!   Let’s grill these monsters like frankfurters on the end of my stick.  Roast’em, I’m coast’in .  I’ll gladly poke’m in the chest, tell them to address me correctly or the leash is being slashed.  All these mobsters had to do was take my word for it the first time I called them out on it.

I create speedbumps on purpose, are you kidding me?  Me, IN THE CONDITION I am now mops the floors with “dudes.”  If I were at a hundred, there would most definitely be a line a mile long at MY back door!  I am in great shape, I write books of love among other things, I am financially fit and ready to father a family, I got things going in the right direction.  Let’s gooo!

– Kyle

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