Moving quickly this morning! BAM! 🔥

My Lady, “Pebbles,”
I hope you are tuning in weekly, and identifying my tendency to mask the influx of uneasy feelings I’ve been doing my best to hide. I hope the love and energy I mull over and try to share often is sensed, and felt.

Doeth me a favor, call the police, put a search out on me. My door is open! It’s been open! Did ya try that? Did you shoot me a text, leave a message or mail me a letter? I’ve been keeping an eye out on the hedge I told ya to hide behind. I’ve been arming myself with flattery and good intentions for years. I’ve felt in danger looking for you. I’m like Elmer looking for Fudd. That’s exactly right, I’ve been looking out for fear, uncertainty and doubt.

This is SassyGirl, I met her on kik.

I wish I could reach you. We could ease into holding hands, sharing juice boxes and getting lost in each others’ eyeballs. I am not a fan of climbing over hurdles that needlessly blotch our free run around the track.
Tell me you love me, bro. Tell me it will work. Tell me not to fear. Tell me you want to help me heal. Tell me, you’ll have no problem ditching these robbers stealing from me. Tell me I’m safe.
I want to wake up before you and fix you a cup of tea. I want to feel free to say words like love, devotion and I’ll give you my heart for free. I want to feel safe crouching down on one knee and proposing.


(Find me, tell me I’m safe.)

GET UP FOR THE RIDE! enjoy it while it’s here, ma’am!!!

These cycles got me smiling! ❤️ 🦷 😀

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