Santa, Maybe

This year, I don’t want material things.  I want HER to feel right placing the crown on HER head.  The specified hipster is a magician for she appears in my mind’s eye often, but leaves no trail that I can track. 
This week, I reached out to your crew of elves and they reminded me that fighting for love is admirable.  🙂  Hai NIKI, Sarah, Jules, Lovely, Caramel and Heatseeker!  I’m full of love, tender loving care, blood, sweat and protein!  They all want me to propose.  I’m more than interested in only one.
I was, and am overjoyed to breathe easier hearing that I am allowed to care.  Muppet, unfortunately, I will stay caged until you open those floodgates again, clearing the way for the avalanche of quiet feelings, hushed thoughts and good intentions.
I suggest we break the ice and just try talking in person, texting or maybe ON the phone!  If you get a chance, try texting me first!  Being intimidated out of being honest sharing my feelings has caused me enough trauma to last me a lifetime.  Half these ghosts still hate me shining my light on feeling good and wanting to kiss your toes.  That’s their problem.

Merry Christmas!

Niki, Sarah, Nicky, “Elle,” I’m swallowing this huge lump in my throat! I CARE too much for each of you! Sending mental hugs! If I could jump down on one knee, quickly.. I SO would! Find me, suggest that you want me to be comfortable reaching out! Please!

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