The Truth

What I struggle with most is giving myself Grace after pushing somebody I cared too much for, away.  I’m glad I worded that first sentence wisely and efficiently.  I  pray about that issue a lot.

I face insurmountable heat for trying to work on this.  It is disheartening to realize that trying to show how much I care gets me blasted for dwelling over something I cannot change.  Rules are rules, I know that.  “I am sorry, friend.  My door is always open for you.”



THE PRINCESS I struggle adoring from afar is a spittin’ image of Miss Aguilera! In my head emitting a constant loving embrace is the best thing I can do! It shows my dedication, my ability to love, Jesus lives inside me, and so much more.

“So Honey, if you can find it in your heart to reach out via a medium I’d feel safe using, please do that!”

I do not care what anyone says. It is better FOR ME ATLEAST to live IN LOVE , than to run around damning others’ best attempt to shine in that light! MAY GOD BE WITH THOSE who are that miserable, selfish and rude!

(Jackie, Tori, the cast of the tiny dancers in my nightmares and anyone else saying bite my tongue!)

I WISH I could just say f#ck you to those not in the same boat as me! It’a a B!TCH having to rely on MFs that are not in it to help you see yourself reach your goals! (ESPECIALLY when that’s their “J.O.B!”) This week I will be doing “their” work following up and seeing the grievances I submitted do not go unaddressed too!

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