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Hi Miss..

Do not worry. I am deciding right now that at 20 after 3 on 12/12/2021, I am going to pursue what makes me happy moving forward. That includes reverting back to championing open communication, flattery and Hope. I have tried to shield my heart from hemorrhaging for what literally feels like years now. I cut off things and people that scared me, and left me guessing. I beat myself up for caring too much. Poetry, I feel will be a perfect arsenal.

I’m going to wade these treacherous waters with a rock hard staff. I will walk on the floors of the oceans if I must. Flipping every stone known to man ought to start at the bottom, eh!?

Things are about to change for the better! No more running from people that obviously look down on me. No more denying my charm or lessening my vibration to suit low-energy mo-fo’s. No more being a b1tch, homie!

I feel better already. I’d tell you something about discouraging actors in my life but then I’d be dwelling. Nobody’s got time for that!

Do not be afraid to protect yo peace, dawg! Those not looking to see you through your sh!t, let it be known are distractions and wasting your time if they’re not putting the effort to stay open, in. K

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