Mr. and Mrs. M., hi,


Today, I feel inspired to write you directly.  I am less worried about pushback and overreactions.  I still have room to improve in my approach, in my appropriateness, in my agility, in my communication skills and in my bravery.


I would like to marry your daughter, but I’m nervous saying that.  Suggesting seeing her, and maybe holding hands even frightens me.


It is not healthy living in fear!  I made some boss moves lately that you might like to hear about.  Your princess of a daughter and I used to work together.  That made my feelings towards her hard to cope with.  Coworkers and alike are not permitted to share those kinds of bonds.


“Repressed emotions” are dangerous.  They caused me to hide feelings, hide true kindness, hide my hurts and hide my loving nature.  I felt bullied.  I still feel like one wrong step or word will get the cops called, my ass sued, chickens clucking and people lurking/ hunting me down.  Tell your sweetness that I put up walls at that time, hoping I’d get a hand climbing out of, and breaking free from the cage they stuck me in!


I hope all that expressed frustration is malleable to you.  I hope you see that I would still give my left leg to just see her.  I hope I can relax a bit more moving forward knowing that I did leave the door open.  I hope you are both signed up on the mailing list too!  Bye!

I am worrying less! This week I took out the trash! I will keep you updated of course so you know what date to circle on your calendar! Tell her to work on her vows, bruh!

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