I’ll Call You, “Buttercup!”


It feels great to wake up, shower, eat and get to writing you poetry without dwelling, once.Today is Sunday, the Lord’s Day.
I already put my walls up scared.  That did not serve me well.  I am glad, with Him in the picture I do not legitimately need to fear a single thing.
Giving myself patience and room to bloom needs to happen more often, without being forced.  That’s what I’m working towards.  I’m using the sword stuck in the stone to beat up on my opposers.  They’re gross, but my mindset is my strength.  I’m consciously marking these dead bodies lying before me as distractions overcome.
I’m rising more gently in the morning, taking naps often and crawling into bed before most get home from their 9-5 job.  The blessings are coming continuously.  The loot is hid in a boot.  The Mrs. is a future being and knows I will listen.

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