Miss, Just Listen,

Dear Raindrop On A Windy Day,
I’ve only ever heard of mixed reports.

I want to stare you down and feel good admiring your drizzle.  A damp shirt does not heat my bones well.

I know that, should not drown my cheer.


I linger from time to time more than I should.  I wish I knew the undue effects immersing myself more in your downfall would have on me.  I want to be your rock.  Let me feel the pitter-patter of your heart on my skin.  Guide my breathing.  Encourage me to relax and just breathe, please.



  • DOLORES Cortlessa

    Is what you’re doing called creative writing you must have to have a good imagination to do what you’re doing I commend you my grandson and I love you

  • Stephen Wayne Keech

    Awesome poetry this morning!

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