Amy, let’s triumph

While getting ready for the gym this morning, I had “The Secret” playing in the background.  I am choosing to come at life from a new vantage point this morning. 
I am no longer afraid, or nervous about getting ahead in life.  I WAS before now, but I am no longer prisoner to my own small mindedness and doubt.

I am going to reach supreme states of happiness, security and joy moving forward.

I am glad you are ready to hold my hand through my ups and downs.  I think I got a headstart on this journey last night.  I put into words that you are now my “girlfriend.”  I no longer feel immature amusing the idea of meeting and connecting intellectually and emotionally with a loving woman.


I think the power of The Law of Attraction may have scared me before!  Things going better than expected after foreseeing them going that way can feel very unnerving.

I am braver today.  I love life and I love you!  I am attracting love and you into my life.  I am putting good energy into what I want.  Love, stability, potential, good fortune, joy, peace.  That’s what I want!


The tactical maneuvering needed to get us together in person, will not stress me out.  Today is LEG DAY!  I will break existing records.  I am going to work on loving myself moving forward.  I am looking forward to appreciating my resilience. 


I look forward to talking soon!


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